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Cornerstone Church

Cornerstone Church Sermons

Listed below are our Sunday morning sermons in date order (most recent at the top).

You can listen to them by clicking on the icon or alternatively you can download them by clicking on the link.


 Recent Media Uploads 
Luke 21:20-36 The End of the World - Part Two (download)
Graham Nash, 04/06/2017
Luke 21:5-19 The End of the World - Part One (download)
Graham Nash, 28/05/2017
Luke 20:45-21:4 Appearances can be Deceptive (download)
Graham Nash, 21/05/2017
Luke 20:27-44 From Here to Eternity, From Eternity to Here (download)
Graham Nash, 07/05/2017
Luke 24:36-53 Now I'm A Believer (download)
Graham Nash, 23/04/2017
Luke 24:1-35 & 1 Corinthians 15:19-23 Pitiful to Hope-full (download)
Graham Nash, 16/04/2017
Luke 22:63-23:49 If You Are Then The Son Of God? (download)
Graham Nash, 14/04/2017
Luke 22:31-62 Discipleship Unravelled (download)
Graham Nash, 09/04/2017
Luke 21:37 - 22:30 The Last Supper (download)
Graham Nash, 02/04/2017
Luke 20:9-19 Jesus the Cornerstone of Grace (download)
Peter Jolly, 26/03/2017
Luke 19:47 - 20:8 On Whose Authority? (download)
Graham Nash, 19/03/2017
Luke 19:41-46 Turning Points (download)
Graham Nash, 12/03/2017
Luke 19:28-40 Hail the Heaven Born Prince of Peace (download)
Graham Nash, 05/03/2017
Luke 19:11-27 The Return of the King (download)
Peter Jolly, 26/02/2017
Luke 18:35-19:10 Sought & Saved (download)
Graham Nash, 19/02/2017
Luke 18:18-34 you can't take it with you (download)
Graham Nash, 05/02/2017
Luke 18:9-17 Humility & Dependence (download)
Graham Nash,
Luke 18:1-8 While You Wait (Part 2) (download)
Graham Nash, 22/01/2017
Luke 17:20-37 While You Wait (download)
Graham Nash, 15/01/2017
Luke 17:1-19 Taken Down a Peg or Two (download)
Graham Nash, 08/01/2017

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