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 Talk Outline 

John 10:1-42
God's Shepherd King & His Sheep

Using a parable about Shepherds and sheep, Jesus teaches us about:

God's Shepherd King who...
1) Enters by the gate as God's authorised shepherd (vv. 1-5)
2) Is the gate for the sheep so that...
    a) he protects us against harm (v.8)
    b) he gives us good pasture (v.9)
3) Is the Good Shepherd who...
    a) Knows his sheep
    b) Lays his life down for his sheep
God's Sheep who...
1) Listen to his voice and follow him
2) Have life to the full
3) Are eternally secure
 Children's Talk 
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 Welcome to Worship 

Sunday 5th April 

This week's passage is John 10:1-42. Please read the passage through before listening to the recorded message to the left of this. There is also a children's talk below that ties in with this week's message that parents can watch and discuss with their children.

You will also find music and lyrics to one song to help you praise God and below that are some prayer points to help you pray through the message and also for some local church, national and international issues. This resource will be available all week until the following Saturday when a new message and resources will be uploaded.

Pastor Graham

 Thought for the week 
Don't forget that on Sunday evening we will be meeting again using Zoom. You will find details on the Cornerstone Church WhatsApp group chat.

If you have a bit more time on your hands than usual because of the lock-down why not consider doing one of the following:
  • Memorise a passage of scripture that will help you in your walk with Jesus. You could even do it with someone else and test each other by telephone or online.
  • How about writing to one of our missionaries to encourage them. You can do that by email or snail mail. Ask Graham for addresses etc.
  • Read a good Christian book. You can still buy these online as normal books or e-books. It's a good habit to develop. Ask Graham or Peter if you want some recommendations. How about setting up a reading group to encourage a few others to read also.
 Worship Song 
 Prayer Points 
  • Praise God for our Good Shepherd who leads us to abundant and eternal life.
  • Thank God that Jesus laid down his life for his sheep.
  • Pray for an increasing love for our Saviour and faith to follow him in difficult and uncertain days.
  • Pray for those who have been most seriously affected by the present crisis; the sick, the bereaved the unemployed and homeless. 
  • Pray for our government and all health professionals bearing the brunt of caring for the sick and dying.
  • Pray for parts of the world where health resources are scarce or non-existent. For Christians in those places who are seeking to bring help and comfort through the gospel that God would provide all they need.
  • Pray for John & Sian, Seth & Joy in Japan; Although restrictions are being raised there, Seth has recently had a slight fever. Although it is unlikely to be more than a simple cold, it means that John & Sian may have to self-isolate hampering their ministry even further at a time when the team is depleted.
  • Pray for Martin & Julia in Malawi, that this pandemic would leave them and their churches (often in poorer and rural communities) unharmed and for their ministries to bring hope and comfort to many.