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 Talk Outline 

John 11:53 - 12:11
The Smell of Death & the Scent of Devotion 

As the Pharisees and chief priests prepared themselves and others for Passover through the ritual washings intended to take away the uncleanness of death and dying (See Numbers 19) they were plotting to kill Jesus and Lazarus. In the midst of the smell of death that permeates this passage though, there is a brief interlude where we catch the scent of devotion as Mary extravagantly anointed Jesus with perfume to honour him form his gift of life to her brother Lazarus, but also to prepare Jesus for his burial which would soon follow. She stands as an example to us of generous giving and extravagant devotion to God. The message outline is:
The Anointing
The Devotion of Mary
The Hypocrisy of Judas
The Pragmatism of the Disciples

 Children's Talk 
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 Welcome to Worship 

Sunday 12th July

Welcome to our worship resources for this week which include a message from John's gospel chapter 11:53-12:11 'The Smell of Death & the Scent of Devotion'. There is also a children's message about the Parables of the Hidden Treasure & the Priceless Pearl, a gospel song and prayer hints.

If you can, please join us for our Sunday evening prayer meeting at 5.30pm . The Zoom meeting ID is 856 6759 2629. Because of recent changes to the Zoom platform there is now an additional Passcode you will need to join which is 444251. If you do not have internet you can connect by telephone audio only, by dialling in on 0203 051 2874 and at the prompt inputting the Meeting ID followed by # and the Passcode.
Wishing everyone a good week.

Pastor Graham

 Thought for the week 
When people asked John the Baptist what they should do to bear the fruit of repentance, he told them to share their clothes and food with the poor. Then he instructed tax collectors not to collect and pocket extra money. Finally he told soldiers not to extort money. No one asked John about money or possessions. They asked him [about] spiritual transformation. Yet all his answers involve material things. John couldn't talk about spiritual change without addressing how people handle money and possessions.

If John the Baptist were to visit us today what conclusions would he draw? .... When you look around our Christian communities today, what do you see in our handling of money and possessions that only the supernatural work of God could explain? When you look at yourself, what do you see?

As thunder follows lightning, giving follows grace. We give because he first gave to us. If your life doesn't resound with the thunder of giving, doesn't that suggest that you've not been struck by the lightning of God's grace?
Randy Alcorn - Essay on 'Dethroning money to treasure Christ above all'
 Worship Song 
 Prayer Points 
  • Thank God for the all surpassing worth of Christ our Saviour and Lord
  • Ask that God would give us true understanding of the eternal riches which are ours in Christ Jesus and the passing nature of the things this world offers.
  • Commit yourself in prayer to becoming more devoted to loving and serving Christ and his church.
  • Ask God's forgiveness for the moments when you have worshipped, given and served for selfish reasons.
  • Pray for a spirit of generosity to take over your heart.
  • Pray for God's enabling of his church to be more effective in declaring and practically demonstrating the wonderful message of the cross, particularly during this time of social distancing and with churches not yet able to meet and worship normally.
  • Continue to pray for those affected by the COVID-19 crisis that God would help them and that they would turn to him in their distress.
  • Pray for our government and scientists trying to find a vaccine and more effective treatments for the virus.
  • Pray for Martin & Julia Etter and John & Sian Newton-Webb, Antony & Reena and their ministries in Africa and Japan and Israel respectively.